Thursday, December 2, 2010

Coming later...

Unfortunately today is a very busy day for me.  I have loads of homework, and I have to work this evening so who knows how long I'll be caught up in this and that.
All the same, I wanted to let you know that later --not today but probably more like tomorrow or Saturday--I will be posting about how I failed Nano, and then I'll do a post about how STRONGER came about and etc. etc.  It's already at 935 in ranking.  Thanks everyone for all of the support.  It means so much to me; you already knew that of course.

However, I do promise chapter 13 will be posted public at some point or another tonight.  The new cover was made by yours truly.  I spent three days, trying out different covers.  At last I came across this one and it just worked so perfectly.  I mean, come on the butterfly goes with the scene in the beginning of the book and it's dark and mysterious and beautiful.
At 325 in ranking.  Maybe it can soon reach 200?  Maybe?  I'm willing to do anything to get to 200; I'm even crazy enough to swap with people.  (God have mercy on me....)

Now that I'm off to work on my homework I'll have to leave you with...
And in case you couldn't remember, this is a image from the music video "Bye bye bye" by Nsync.  Remember those guys?  I fell in love with them, despite my young age at the time when they were around, and yes I am listening to them right now.
Now how distracting is this going to be for me?  Ha, probably very distracting.  Oh well, off to go into the madness.
If I never return you can assume it consumed me.....but let's hope that never happens.
Be there for the magic:


Anonymous said...

Love the new cover, :D And I can't wait for chap 13! And that post on STRONGER and NaNo sounds interesting. And...I'll stop, :D

LReneeS said...

Chapter 13 is up now:) And I'll get to those posts soon.

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