Saturday, December 4, 2010

Alaire and Vinur *inspirational picture*

Just thought I would share with you briefly a picture I came across a few days ago that really kept me going with Cursed with Power.  I was staring at this picture for several minutes that day, trying to find the inspiration to keep writing.  This picture did just that because it really shows exactly how close Alaire and Vinur are.  While it may not be fully expressed in this book about their bond, it definitely will be revealed later on.

Now I must return to writing.  Alaire's fate has yet to be determined...

Before I go, think on this: Have you ever been so close to a person/animal you would tell them everything?  Who could you trust all of your secrets with?
Be there for the magic:

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Anonymous said...

Emma, my sister. We tell each other everything when we go to bed. We share a room,:D

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