Sunday, December 12, 2010

Chapter 14..... Blue Eyes

If he was looking at you right now, would you dare to turn around and look back at him?

It took a while for me to post up chapter 14, but last night it went public and now you can read it.  In case you have not read the latest chapter, I am as usual giving you an update.  Hopefully this update will interest you, and if then at least I've tried my best.
Alaire's life is hanging by a thread.  Celestria does not know what's wrong with him and she knows of nothing that can help him.  And that was when it happened.... She was so focused on Alaire, she did not realize...
She had given away their position.
Sometimes it's better to stay out of a fight, but Celestria has no choice.  With Alaire down, she has to not only defend herself, but she also has defend Alaire.  She also has to hope she won't be beaten again as she was when she battled Aldemund.  Who is this person who has found them? Why was he waiting in the field for them?  
Peering ahead, I thought I saw something dart to the side.  I tried to follow its movement, but then a ball of blue mist hit me in the stomach.  Crouching down, I could hear Alaire stirring from his sleep.  In no time at all he would watch as I was beaten.  However, I did not want to lose badly in another fight again.   Whoever had found us now would pay the price.
            “You want to end this?  Show yourself; I’ll fight you face to face.” I shouted.  After I spoke it began to rain, and in moments it was pouring.  My opponent stood up and instantly I performed a spell.  I continued to advance toward him, but when I came within touching distance of him it was evident the spell had not gone as planned.  Black powder covered his body, though the spell had meant to be brutally fatal on the skin.

The night is dark, the rain is falling.... Run while there's a chance.  I'll never let you find me.

In all of the madness, the silence, the fighting, the nightmares, and the pain.... somewhere this is light.  Even in Celestria's life, while she has lost everything and everyone she has ever cared about.  Suddenly the light seems to hit her in the face, and when it does she cannot push it aside.  She cannot put it out of her thoughts because she knows there is more than what there seems to be.
He laughed and leaned in closer.  I could feel his breath each time he exhaled. “Mm, and you cannot think of anything else this lucky man may desire?”
One night... One fight... One breath... One kiss...

And his blue eyes.
*The quotes in this post are excerpts from chapter 14 of Cursed with Power.  The images, however, are not mine and are property of deviantart (except the ones featuring the male model with blue eyes; those were found on google).*

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Julie Musil said...

Great job with the chapter! And that guy is gorgeous. Almost pretty.

Anonymous said...

AH! I can't wait to read!

LReneeS said...

@ Julie: I agree with you there. He's extremely gorgeous. And thank you.

@ Tessa: Well if you could wait I would be shocked:P Haha glad to hear it.

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