Thursday, August 2, 2012

Deadline met, Final Manuscript sent, SEQUEL in progress!

First of all, happy second day of August! Great news: I reached my deadline, and at last the final submission packet is in the hands of my publisher.  What a relief!!  I've been editing Cursed With Power since May (strictly so it was ready to hit the shelves), so now that it's over I finally take a break from editing.  Plus you won't have to hear about me editing for a while; instead we can talk about the book design.

Don't leave yet!
Because the ending of one book brings me to the beginning of another.  That's right... the sequel.
Surprise, surprise, here's the guy we've all been wondering about.  As promised, I plan on beginning work on New Life, the second book in the Magicians series.  This story is told from Leal's point of view -yes, I'm certain he's already overjoyed with the idea.  This ought to be interesting seeing as this will by my first full novel written entirely from a man's POV.  Leal has been fighting with me these last couple months to have his story told, and now we've reached that point.  I have several journals already set aside for this book (two already used up, and one left with lots of space), but since I learned a lot from editing CWP I'll be reviewing my ideas and seeing what else is left to be desired.  This sequel needs a BANG!  I want you, the readers, to enjoy it for everything it has to offer.  With Leal telling the story, who knows what could happen!
I'm eager to get a start on this book, and I am hoping that within this book the reader can travel deeper into the magical world.  There will new characters, returning old ones, and the truth about some dark secrets our heroes have been hiding.  
All the updates will be here, including news about Cursed With Power.  An official release date should be announced soon!
Coming next: At last the character journey you've been waiting for!
Lindsey R. Sablowski


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