Saturday, September 15, 2012

Told myself I wouldn't cry... but I did

For the longest time I have been reading other authors' blogs.  It's always so fascinating to hear authors talk about their reactions when they finally had the first hard copy of their book in their hands.  You can almost feel the excitement with them -like wow, it finally happened!  Today I'd like to share my experience with you.
Now unfortunately this is two days late, but I've been exhausted and was finally able to drag myself to the computer this morning.

Two days ago my copies of Cursed With Power finally arrived at my doorstep!  Needless to say, I've been taking pictures and sharing other readers' pictures.  So excuse the lack of words, but first let me share some pictures...

I don't think it struck me at first.  I was looking at the copies inside the box and it just didn't seem to register in my brain.  The books were there in front of me, but I couldn't grasp it.  Then later that night I opened the book and looked at the first chapter and it suddenly hit home.  I got teary eyed, and believe me I told myself I wouldn't cry.  But it was finally real, you know?  Seeing the paragraphs finally on paper... it seemed so surreal.  To be honest, every author deserves to know that feeling.
Ironically enough, my friend in Michigan actually got his copy before me.  (Of course he sent a picture to rub it in lol.)  So it seems Cursed With Power has already began a journey of it's own.  From the printer in South Carolina, to Michigan, to Maryland.... the journey has started!

This is the one in Michigan!

Several pictures have been sent in, but a lot of readers are still waiting for their copies.  I'm hoping you guys get yours soon, and remember that when you do send in your pictures!
open mic
Hopefully I'll be back later on tonight, but if not I'll be returning on Sunday night or Monday morning to tell you about the open mic I'm attending this Sunday.  It's in Baltimore, and I'll be a featured reader!  Bringing to life CWP in Baltimore... I'll see you there.

Coming up next: CWP's adventure to Baltimore!
Lindsey R. Sablowski


Kae said...

The wait is killing me. I want my copy! You said it would take three to four weeks until it will be available from B&N, and it's only been one! D= Patience Kae, patience... Anyways, I'm glad you finally got yours! Just wondering, are you planning on selling your copies for the same price they are online?

Lindsey Sablowski said...

Haha this made my day :) But I'm sorry it feels like such a long wait! I'll keep checking B&N to see when the paperback goes up, and then you'll be the first to know.
Any that I sell will be the same price as they are online most likely.

Shruti said...

You already know I just got my copy, but why is there not moreeeee

*trying really, really hard not to spoil it for anyone else*

Lindsey Sablowski said...

Patience, grasshopper! :) I promise I'll post a teaser of book #2 soon; I can see the suspense is killing you.

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