Thursday, September 27, 2012

What Do You Love About Writing (with Bryna Butler)

Hey everyone!  Today we have YA Paranormal author, Bryna Butler, as a guest on the blog.  Please give a warm welcome and be sure to check out her books like Of Sun & Moon.

Thanks for having me on the blog today, Lindsey. I’d also like to give a special shout-out to L.M. Preston, author of The Pack-Retribution. L.M. is the genius behind this week’s whirlwind book tour.

I’m so excited to be on the blog today to talk about what I love about writing. Though I’ve never been a professional educator, I was once told that I must love teaching because I’m good at it. I strongly disagreed. To the dismay of my family of teachers, I don’t love teaching. What I love is the story. It just so happens that a good story can give a lesson staying power beyond any pop quiz or term paper.

Early in my career, I worked as a journalist. I think that a journalist’s heart still beats inside me. I feel it pump when I meet someone new or come across a fact I’ve never heard before. Curiosity is a beautiful thing for it leads to the story.

The job of fiction writing is even more exciting as it allows, no encourages, authors to take a fact and grow it, shape it, mold it, into something extraordinary and new. In my Midnight Guardian paranormal series, I mesh the very real, rural Midwestern U.S. with the fantasy world of Atlantis in a story woven with elements of suspense, romance, drama, and even comedy.
Cover for 'Midnight Child (Midnight Guardian Series, Book 3)'

What I love about writing? The story.

Thanks again to Lindsey for inviting me to the blog today. Tomorrow, be sure to check out her guest post on my blog,

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