Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Countdown: 2 days until the decision

Time just seems to be flying by this week!  Before we know it, it'll be Friday.  For those of you who already have pre-ordered the book, I cannot thank you enough. This is such an exciting journey to share with you, and I apologize in advance if I've already said that several times before. If you haven't pre-ordered and would like to, there's still time!
But enough about pre-orders... Let's get into more fun with this countdown.
For starters I'd like to say that I know there's been a lot of talk about Leal and Alaire.  What's it all about?  Have I been foreshadowing or suggesting something?  To be honest, of all the men in the book Alaire and Leal are my favorite.  They're... interesting to say the least.  Now you guys know how much I hate spoilers, so I won't give away anything.  Just trust me; once you read the book, you'll understand.

There's something I want to share tonight that I actually haven't talked about yet.  Before Old Line Publishing found an interest in Cursed With Power, you may remember I was seriously considering self-publishing.  There's something I learned from other self-published authors that I don't think I'll ever forget...
No matter who your publisher is, you have to be certain this is the book you are willing to stand or fall with.
And I am very pleased to say that I am willing to risk it all with CWP because this honestly is the book I have fallen in love with writing and the one I hope readers fall in love with reading. (See what I did there?)

If you want to keep things interesting, feel free to join other fans and potential readers on Twitter supporting the release.  Remember all you have to do is use the hashtag #CursedWithPowerRelease
A huge thank you to everyone who already has been tweeting about the event.  This Friday is fast-approaching, and this is one of the many ways you can help spread the word!

And now sense it's already midnight here, I should be heading to bed and thinking about the blog post for tomorrow.  I promise there's more in store; time was against me tonight since I was at college for most of the day (until 9pm if you can imagine).  Loving all of the support from the fanbase; keep it up!  Only two more days... or one now since it's 12am!  Woohoo!
Lindsey R. Sablowski


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