Friday, September 28, 2012

The Meanest Character (with Christina Leigh Pritchard)

 Hi everyone today we have Christina Leigh Pritchard, author of the C I N series, with us talking about the meanest character she's ever written.  Please give her a warm welcome, and now I'll let her take it away:

First off, hello everyone and thank you, Lindsey, for having me on your blog today! I also want to give a
special shout out to L.M. Preston, author of The Pact: Retribution (available September 28th!) for putting
this mini blog tour together. It’s been wonderful learning about new books and authors!

“Who is the meanest character you’ve ever written?”

I want to say that Frank is the meanest character I’ve ever written (from the C I N Series) but I’m going
to have to go with Officer Lindsey instead. She’s a tyrannical leader in a futuristic novel (The War in the
Wall) I wrote back in the 1990’s (unreleased—but think of the Hunger Games x20!)

Officer Lindsey is fat and bitter. She’s complex but means well in her twisted way—lining up the parents
of her kidnapped children—and forcing them to watch as their parents are executed. This, of course, is
only the beginning. Officer Lindsey is so cruel, sometimes, while writing her scenes, I couldn’t stomach
what was being typed. I cried a lot and took lots of walks on the beach to clear my head!

(Now you see why I have never released this one! It’s the most violent and graphic book I’ve ever
written—and it was during my young teen years. Hormones? LOL!)

To learn more about the C I N Series and future books visit the blog dedicated to the series or check out
the debut novel C I N on Amazon.

Thanks for stopping by, Christina!  How interesting that her meanest character was named "Officer Lindsey;" can't say the two of us are alike haha.  Be sure to check out her book!   


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