Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Casting for Cursed With Power!

We all have those moments in our life where whether we wanted to admit it or not, as writers we imagined the "dream cast" for our books.  Today, upon request, I'd like to talk about the dream cast for Cursed With Power.  See who made it to the list, and then leave a comment with what you think.  Have someone who would better fit the role?  Feel free to share!
Katie McGrath as Celestria Hale
While Katie doesn't have red hair, she could easily dye it and play an excellent role as Celestria.  I've seen her in Merlin, and while I know she's a new actress, she does show a lot of potential.  Not to mention, have you seen the dresses she wears on the show?  She always looks gorgeous!  What really draws me toward her is the fact that on the show she acts like an "innocent" lady when she's really conflicted and twisted.  Who's to say she couldn't pull off being Celestria?

Johnathon Rhyes Meyers as Leal Irvine
You might recognize Johnathon from The Tutors, and while I don't imagine anyone actually approves of his role on the show, he does it quite well.  He's young enough that he could branch out to new movies/shows, and what's not to love with that face?  A handsome guy to place the mysterious Leal... sounds perfect.

Ben Barnes as Alaire Sencler

From Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian to Dorian Gray, Ben Barnes has definitely matured.  I suppose in some ways he's still a bit "new" to it all, since he hasn't been in anything (that I can think of) that brought out more attention for him (besides Narnia).  Who knows, though, he may just be the right guy to play as Alaire.  Plus in case you didn't know he's actually 31 years old! We don't have to be worried that he'll look to "young" for Alaire's part.

Jennifer Lawrence as Dyanna Hale

This is why we call it the "dream cast" because we all know that after Hunger Games Jennifer Lawrence is probably going to be living the life in Hollywood.  Either way, I actually thought of her before she was involved in Hunger Games.  When it comes to Dyanna, we won't be seeing Jennifer's brunette hair... We want to see her blonde!

Joseph Morgan as Aldemund

Most of you are probably most familiar with Joseph from The Vampire Diaries as Klaus. Again, he's actually older than he looks (also 31), so he is right where we want him to be for Aldemund.  Plus he has the dirty blonde hair, and with the long style... he'd be set!  Have you seen the guy on TVD?  He's creepy and demented... And we're not looking for a sweet guy to play Aldemund.  We may have already found him.

Those are primarily all of the main characters I wanted to note for now.  Of course there are other characters I could have mentioned, but since I have a latte this morning I'm wide awake and feeling inspired to write more of Punished With Destiny. Hope you enjoyed this!

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