Tuesday, September 18, 2012

College is.... overwhelming

I actually really do like college -I mean where it's going to take me and all-and in general I do like my classes.   But let me be honest... it's overwhelming.  It's necessarily that it's even become difficult yet, but I return home feeling too tired to get into anything major. Hence why the blog has been a bit quiet, and also why it took me till today to add Laura in so she can fix the pages on the blog. (If you haven't noticed, they're not working for some reason).

So I promise I haven't forgotten about you guys. I'm just trying to get on my feet again.  I can't even remember the last time I sat down and wrote something coherent... and that kills me.  So while I'd love to update you all, I do have class shortly. Just wanted to give you a quick FYI, but I'll be back later on.
Before I go, thank you again to those of you who have been buying Cursed With Power.  Can't wait to see what's happening with sales!  And that signing in November is so far away yet right around the corner.  (Yeah right.... it's not anywhere close.)

And ladies... Alaire sends his love.

Coming next: Talk about the upcoming book
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