Sunday, September 2, 2012

Countdown: 5 days until the secrets

Be there for me
With the release of Cursed With Power only being 5 days away, a lot is happening -and quickly!  The Cursed With Power Blog Tour has already begun. Tonight Kristia posted on her blog with an interview and excerpt all relating to CWP.  Definitely check out her blog; it's great, and I'm honored that she has continued to support me through all of this.  The link: click, click.
For those of you who are curious about the giveaways, I promise you that they do indeed exist.  I'm ordering bookmarks very soon, and my new business cards have already been shipped to my house (just waiting for them to arrive).  All of this and more is coming your way, though I will admit it probably won't happen until after September 7th.  Still, though, there's so much exciting happening all at once that we have to look forward to!

Also as I understand it Old Line Publishing has distributors in the United Kingdom, Europe, and Australia... so for those of you who don't live in the US, I'm finding out all that I can about how you can go about ordering your copy!

Remember if you pre-order this week you will get an autograph!  Make sure to pre-order! Kindle and Nook versions of the book may not be releasing until a week from now, but I'll keep everyone posted.
And since I've been trying to not repeat the same activities each day throughout the countdown, tonight I'm mixing it up with some quick and fun little facts! (Don't worry, no spoilers.)
  • Leal's name means "loyal." Something interesting to remember when you read the book... The question is: where does his loyalty lay?
  • In the first version of the book Wilhem's wife had a short role in the book.  This was taken out and never returned upon publication.
  • Each book in the series (there are five in total) are told from a different Dark magician's perspective.
  • Alaire's cross necklace wasn't added in until later on... And during the later versions of the book (including upon publication) the significance of his necklace was finally revealed.
  • The first cover ever made for Cursed With Power was actually what inspired Celestria's physical appearance (red hair, green eyes, etc.)
The days are passing more quickly.  I'll be stopping by again tomorrow.  Hope everyone enjoys their labor day weekend!  (I don't have college in the morning so I'm happy!)  
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