Tuesday, June 29, 2010

When you write, you can write m a g i c

When you write....

I just thought of that saying, actually... (Wow, how random is that?!)
Honestly, though, I really do believe that. When you write stories you can write about whatever you want with whatever characters you like, and no one can tell you that all of it is unreal and whatever else kind of nonsense.
Doesn't it never cease to amaze you that you have the ability to make a story come to life at the tip of your fingers tips? I think is really truly something that we do not consider a lot, but it is amazing the things we can and the stories we can tell when we are writing them ourselves.
So never be afraid to write because someone is always willing to read it.

Happy writing,


Riv Re said...

There are no limitation to words. You can do anything on paper.
That's one of the reasons I write. I can do anything. It makes me all powerful where my characters are concerned.

LReneeS said...

I feel exactly the same!

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