Monday, June 28, 2010

Moving along in Certain Fate

So while I am working on Everblue and Cursed with Power, I am also working on Certain Fate. Even though I have been working on Certain Fate longer than Cursed with Power, at the moment I am kind of trying to find my bearings with Certain Fate before I finish up with chapter four.

You know, when you first start a project I think one generally gets him/herself all excited about it, but then when you really start getting into the work of it... Well, at times it can just get plain ugly. It's serious work to be writing novels, and it is even more difficult when you really have no one else's opinion to ask of the project.
I mean honestly, don't you sometimes just want to say something more about it? Sometimes don't you really get frustrated and you're saying, "Hello, someone please rescue me! I must be out of my mind right now to be writing this because I do not know where I'm heading, but I think a dead end is going to hit me straight on in a minute or two!" I mean, that's not what I say specifically, but I suppose all of us writers really feel like saying that now and again. (And sometimes it is pretty often that you want to say that, you know?)
Really what I need to do right now is review what Rauve and Levenaude are discussing and try to move things along. I know where I want to go with this story; it's just a matter of getting there that will take some time, effort, patience, and more patience.

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