Monday, June 28, 2010

Working on Everblue, but having some problems...

Hi everyone.
How is everyone's summer coming along? I hope everyone is getting a lot of time to relax, read, write, and whatever else.
Today, my dear writers, I have a problem that I want to discuss with you. Some of you might have realized the image at the beginning of this post. If it looks familiar that is because this is the cover image to one of the three novels I am currently working on called Everblue. At the moment I am having some trouble with writing this novel, and seeing as I cannot ask many of my friends at the moment about a novel they have not found the time to read, I figured it would be best that I bring this problem to the attention of other writers such as myself.
If you care to help me out, please continue to read on.
Currently, I am on the 11th chapter of Everblue. I was inspired to write this story based off of characters from my The Magic of Light trilogy. As most ideas, it at first sounded really interesting and I was really into writing it. Now, however, even though I am still interested in finishing the novel, I feel as if I am not putting all of my effort and whatever talent I have into this novel. The novel has only gotten three comments on IP, and I cannot say that those were very detailed about what my readers did or did not like about the novel. I am in desperate need of hearing advice of some sort because I feel as if right now the chapters are becoming much too sort and all that is really happening is talking.
You all know as well as I do that a story consists of a lot of narration and then dialog in between and etc. Once I received a letter from a published on The Magic of Light, and they complained that I had too much dialog and not enough narration. Since then, I am happy to say that there is a lot of more narration in The Magic of Light, but mind you that I have also been working on that for about five years now. This novel, Everblue, I just started in February of this year.
I really want to put more into this novel, but at the moment I am running out of ideas as to how to keep the story interesting and how to keep narration flowing.
You can read Everblue by clicking on this link
If any viewers of this post should happen to be interested in helping me out with my current dilemma, I would be very grateful.

Happy writing,


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