Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Count 'em: One, two, three...

This summer... Okay, prepare yourselves; this is bizarre.

This summer I am working on three novels. One, two, three novels! I know it is insane. I know it is entirely insane, but I am doing it. I was already working on Everblue and Certain Fate, and I was going to wait until I actually finished one of those before starting on Cursed with Power, but as you can see that did not go as according to plan.
Now, I know you're looking at my "Now working on..." page and saying, "But there are four novels on here!" Well, I don't actually count The Magic of Light as something I'm working on when I talk about the novels I'm working on --whoa, repetition!--because The Magic of Light is already finished. I am simply re-editing that book for the thousandth time. (No, it really has not been that many times, but it does feel like that).
Anyways, I just wanted to share with all of you out there reading this now that I am working on that many novels. Sadly, I do not know if I will finish any of them this summer, but one can always set goals for herself.
Also, this doesn't relate to what I mentioned above, but The Magic of Light is now on two picks lists on inkpop. Yeah, so I'm slowly getting somewhere with it on IP, I guess... I think the real problem is that not too many people on IP are interested in swapping reads anymore because they are too involved in their own stories and so forth. I mean, I can't blame them because I know I am sometimes too involved myself, but still.... Nonetheless, I am glad the ranking for my most important novel is starting to improve.

Happy writing,


Riv Re said...

I hate working on too many projects at once. I think you just get confused and get little done, but good luck!

LReneeS said...

I know; I really do too, but there is no point in me turning back now...

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