Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Um.. You have fish on your blog?!

I know it does seem rather... odd that I have a fish gadget at the bottom of this blog, but I happened to find it as I was editing this blog to make it look pretty and so forth.

Personally, I think the fish look kind of cool on here. I mean, you're entitled to have your own opinion, but I think I shall keep them on here for now. And I mean, if nothing else, at least you can have fun clicking your mouse and giving the fishes food. I really think the person that thought of the gadget must have been as bored as I. Oh well, I guess it goes to show that you really can think of some strange things when you have a lot of time to think and act on those thoughts.

Happy writing,


Riv Re said...

Nice fish. They're cute. They may slow down the server though...

LReneeS said...

Yeah, I know... that's the only part that sucks.

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