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Coming along in Cursed with Power

Cursed with Power is the first book in the Magicians series that focuses on Celestria's story.

Can you tell us about Cursed with Power?
Cursed with Power is a story told from Celestria's narration. She finds out one day that there are only five Dark magicians left in the magical world, and Celestria is one of the five. The story focuses on how she struggles with her magic and also how she gives it her all to find the other four Dark magicians who are the last of a group of people she relied on.
What is it like working with Celestria's character? Why do you think you have her personality the way it is?
It is always very interesting. Celestria is the kind of main character that is not our every day main character, and she is not the protagonist as most main characters usually are.
I do not know why I made Celestria the way she is, but I think it fits in with her being a Dark magician. I always have thought of Dark magicians to have been people with dark thoughts and gloomy pasts. Celestria has both; everyone in her family has died, and she believes her sister, Dyanna, to be dead. I think it is mostly because of all the terrible events she experienced as a child that her thought became much more twisted and perhaps even negative. However, you will find that Celestria is not a boring or depressing character to read about. Perhaps this is just me being bias, but I find that she is rather intriguing to read about as she continues on with her mission.
In the third chapter you have Celestria meet Leal but not even realize it. Is this going to come up again in the novel?
I really do not want to give away that, but yes she has met Leal and that may very well come back to "haunt" her, lets say.
What is the most challenging part of this novel so far, seeing as you've only just began?
Again, I think it just a matter of me finding my bearings and also finding my voice within this story. I also have to keep Celestria's character in line with the personality I've given her, while at the same time I have to try and get the reader to want to know more about her and what she is and is not going to do. I think it would be great if this could be one of those stories where the readers are saying, "I'm not sure how to feel about Celestria..." Because that's exactly how you're supposed to feel.
Even though you do not have many characters in the story so far, who has been your favorite to work with? Your least favorite?
Yeah, I do know how honestly I can answer that right now... For now I'll say that Celestria is my favorite --even though that's ironic--because she has a lot of depth in her character and her past has some mystery in it. And as of this moment I do not have a least favorite character because I only have a few.
Are we ever going to find out who Adam is?
Adam was the man Celestria wrote the letter to at the beginning of the book. All of the books in the Magicians series start out with the main character writing a letter to someone significant to them. You will find out the true story about Adam further on in the book, but as for when I am not sure.
What are your major goals with this book?
Eventually when I have it all finished and it's been on IP for who knows how long, I would like to try getting it published. Of course, that would be after I get The Magic of Light published.
After that? I'll just go onto the next book in the series... New Life, which focuses on Leal's story.
Why do you already have all of the books for the Magicians series figured out?
I do not have them "figured out"; I just decided the titles, made covers, and chose what they would be about. You kind of need to do that with series because you have to know before the reader does where you are going to go with the series.
So you're definitely looking forward to when others can view this book on inkpop?
Of course! I always look forward to that, even though it takes a really long time before someone comes along and says, "Oh, this seems like something she put a lot of time into. Let me check it out." Nonetheless, a writer can have their dreams and wishes.

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