Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Write Here is switching to grou.ps

Write HereIn case you did not know, Write Here --my writing site I started a month or so ago--is moving to grou.ps network. We have been on ning, but then ning decided that they were going to start charging members to be on their network, and so I am switching up all over to grou.ps tomorrow, June 30th. I will be posting up the information on both this blog and Write Here's official blog.

I'm asking Lala if she will be making a way for me to link you to Write Here's official blog so I can have that on the side of this website, along with perhaps a link to inkpop because I am a very dedicated member of that.
Please consider joining in on the writing and so forth going on on Write Here. We would love to have more members!

Happy writing,


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