Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Which would you want to meet?

I put the new poll up. The interesting thing about is that there are only really two authors on there that I really like. I mean, Stephen King is a great author from what I've heard, but I've actually never read any of his books and I do not know how I would react if one day we were to come face to face.

In case you aren't familiar with names... Your choices:
J. K. Rowling, author of Harry Potter series

Stephenie Meyer, author of The Host and the Twilight series

Stephen King, known for writing the scariest and most demented horror novels

D.J. McHale, author of the Pendragon series and helped write the script for Flight 29 Down

And you all already know that I would never choose Stephenie Meyer to meet because I think she and I would have a lot of problems because I "disliked" --to put it plainly--Twilight so much.
I pretty much just thought of the four most popular authors off the top of my head, and that is how I came up with these choices.

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