Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I have a question

WikiAnswers - Were restaurants referred to as diners back in the 1500s or was their a more common term used when referring to them

If you should happen to know the answer to my question or discover the answer before I do, please let me know. I am working on Cursed with Power right now, and I want to be certain that by Celestria referring to the man's restaurant as a 'diner' would have been appropriate terminology for back in the 1500s.
Answers can be left as a comment, or if you're a member of wikianswers then you can answer it right on there. Thanks all!

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Anonymous said...

They were called Taverns. At least, I think. In the 1500s you didn't really have restaurants. You had bars which were called taverns, but you could buy a meal with them as well. Hope that helps.
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LReneeS said...

That definitely helps. Thanks so much!

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