Thursday, August 30, 2012

Countdown: 7 days until the betrayal

I think I missed posting about the countdown for yesterday, so I'm trying to make up for it today! In case you haven't noticed, with each day we get closer to the release of the book I'll mention something else that happens in the book.  (Such as today.... betrayal.)
Since I didn't updated yesterday, I have fabulous news to share!  Cursed With Power is not available for pre-order.  Go pre-order the book today! I know a few who have already said they'll be ordering their copy this weekend.  Of course if you'd rather wait, keep in mind the official release date is September 7th.  Only seven days to go!
Please keep in mind that the cover showing for CWP now is not the official cover -it's a place holder. Yes, it's the same cover I used while it was on Wattpad, and I'll miss it dearly... but my designer is hard at work to reveal the final one.  I promise to share it as soon as I have it -and we're hoping that'll be by the end of this week!
Now as for giveaways and contests.... (because we all love them):
You guys know I've been planning out giveaways and contests for months now!  Unfortunately I can't really offer any of the giveaways I have planned just yet because they also involved having the cover.  However, they are coming ASAP!  I spent the last hour searching around for some ideas, and I'm hoping you'll love what's coming soon.
Since we are waiting, though, feel free to send in requests of some giveaways you'd like to see.

I'm trying to think of anything else I've forgotten... Oh!  Before I go (and in case you haven't heard), I did finish reading through the final of the book.  The interior looks great; there were only a few little errors here and there (relating to grammar and such) that need to be fixed.  Everything's going as according to schedule.
Remember... Only 7 days left!

Lindsey R. Sablowski


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