Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Long time since you've seen this cover, right?  It's NOT the official one.  It is, however, the place holder currently for my book until the designer has the final cover ready.  So if you're like me, you've probably gotten tired of the wait.  Good news, part of the wait is over!
And I say "part" because it's not totally over... But we're slowly getting there!
Now onto what you actually care about. 
All of the official details (the summary, author info, etc.) is up on my publisher's website: here.  I actually just realized this by accident when I was on the site earlier this afternoon.  I showed my parents the summary, and then at last decided it "sounds like a good book." (Mind you, they actually thought this was the first book I wrote back when I was 12 -and it's not.)  Feel free to share the link, and if you do: all my love and hugs go your way!
I realize all of the "purchase" links are unavailable.  Don't worry, this is how it's going to be for a bit longer.  Remember the official release date still hasn't been determined -it takes a while for all of this to be processed and ready to hit the shelf.  Let's be thankful that it isn't taking a year!  Nonetheless, I'll keep this blog updated, and as soon as I hear anything I'll rush over here.  I stopped working on the sequel to post on here real quick.  

Before I go, if you have a Pinterest feel free to follow me.  And if you do, you can find out more about Cursed With Power and the upcoming sequel by looking at my pins.  I made a special blog just for you guys so you can get some ideas of what is yet to come!  For Cursed With Power pins check in here, and for New Life (the sequel) check in here.
Coming next: I'll share some pins relating to Cursed With Power. Also, a post about struggles and successes when writing from a male's POV.
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