Monday, August 27, 2012

Countdown: 10 days until the magic!

As promised, all this week I'm sharing pins from Pinterest that in someway or another relate to Cursed With Power.  And fortunately, these pictures can have many meanings behind them, so be creative and tell me what you think!
Well we're ten days away from the release.  Whew, where did time fly?
Today I've started my first day at college.  I've been all over the internet this morning because between history and math I have a five hour break... So of course I'm reading and writing.  (That's right, I'm writing the sequel as you read this post.)

For those of you who would like to show your support for CWP through Twitter, remember to use the hashtag #CursedWithPowerReleases

If you're already on-board for the release, expect to read some teasers and see more interesting pictures that I hope will only continue to increase your interest.  

And as for the sequel...
I realize it's very confusing what happened, so let me explain.  The sequel was originally titled New Life; however, this has been changed since the title no longer holds as much significance as it once did. (That title was actually in reference to something Celestria told Leal in book #1, but it didn't end up staying unfortunately.)  The new and final title is Punished with Destiny. Yes, I've decided to do that crazy thing like other authors who write series... and there will be a similar ring to each of the titles.  (I haven't figured out the rest, so it's a working process.)

I cannot fully express how overjoyed I am about the release of CWP, and not simply because it will finally be a part of the literary world. (And also because I don't have to edit it anymore!) The excitement grows each day because of all of you.... One of the main reasons I stayed with the book is because of the fanbase -whether it's from inkpop, wattpad, or simply elsewhere-you all have made an amazing and significant impact on this book.
I will tell you that if you read the book back when it was online it has changed.  I edited this book day and night so that the final product turned out to be everything we were hoping for.  Don't be afraid of the change; I assure you this book has grown on me like a child does on a mother.
With that said, if you're extremely excited and want to spread your support, feel free to send in artwork and/or other promo-related materials.  Maybe you remember a scene from the book, or maybe you already have expectations of what to expect -whatever it is, send it my way and I would love to share it with the rest of the fans!

As for ARCs -which seems to be the question on everyone's mind-I don't know how many I'll receive yet.  If I do receive enough that I can give away a few, I'll most likely post a contest and you can enter for a chance to win!

That's all I have for now... I should get back to writing.  Enjoy your day!
Lindsey R. Sablowski


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