Friday, August 10, 2012

Alaire Sencler: Stay close to me

Let me catch you before you fall

Are you there?  I apologize it took me so long to make it back to you, but I had to be certain that our path was clear.  I couldn't bear the thought of endangering you.
I must warn you that there are White magicians who are traveling ahead of us, so we must be extremely cautious when we move.  So long as we stay together we will always be stronger than them.  Never forget that.  Just stay close to me, and I promise no harm will come to you.

You asked me about this necklace earlier?  Alas, my relationship with God has been thrown over the edge... Or so it seems.  I can't help but wonder where He has been while we've been struggling through all of this.  Surely He must see us suffering, battling just to stay alive?  I wonder if perhaps this isn't how it was supposed to be, and now His anger shows in the forgiveness He has not yet offered.  Nonetheless, at least I have you. I can believe in you, I can trust that no matter what happens you will  understand why I do all of this.  We're on this journey together, and without you I would be a lost soul wondering in a world that despises me.
Take my hand, don't be afraid, I'll protect you from the demons in this world.  And because of that, I'm going to do something I've never done before... I will take the first risk.  I'm going to approach those traveling White magicians, but you must stay close behind me.  I'll go first, you follow after me -but only when you see my command.  I know it's dangerous, and there might be too many for us to fight... But we must get past them to continue on this path.  If it turns out that we have to fight them, do not allow them to see your weaknesses.  They'll use that against you.  
Stay strong; I'll be right in front of you.


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