Friday, August 10, 2012

The darkness is a scary place

Don't come looking for me after dark...

Especially when you're writing a sequel to your first book.  The mistake I continue to make over and over again -maybe you can relate- is that I keep thinking in my head that it has to be perfect.  It has to be error-free, but I suppose that's what happens when you starting writing a new book after just editing your first book so that it was exactly how you want it to be in print.
Alas, we cannot expect perfection from our second book right off the bat.
So after wasting most of my morning repinning everything on Pinterest (obsessed?), I'm going to try a different approach to this book.  Instead of worrying about how it's all going to come together and whether everyone is fitting into their place right.. I am taking a step back today and writing a bit more casually.  If need be I can write several different chapter one starters for the book, and then later on decide what sounds best.  It may turn out that I hate all of them and I change it again, but hopefully the inner grammar-nazi inside of me will relax for today. (Not so much a grammar-nazi... A perfectionist actually.)
With Cursed With Power it actually turned out that the beginning chapter changed entirely when at last I was working on final edits for it to go into publication.  Note to self: Chapter one never stays the same.
And as for Leal, I need to take another step toward him.  Seeing as I'm writing part one, I'm actually going to be working with both Leal and Alaire -ladies watch out!  Hopefully the boys will play nice. *fingers are crossed*

Lukasz Swiecicki
For now it's time for me to re-enter the world inside my head.  Magic, action, secrets, and the scary truth... Oh all right, Leal, I'll write your story!
Coming next: Character journey with the guy you've been waiting for!
Lindsey R. Sablowski


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