Saturday, August 4, 2012

Let the characters tell the story

Returning to writing!  Since I imagine tomorrow is going to be a busy day, I'm eager to see if I can get any writing done today.  Now I know you might be wondering why I have this crazy idea to jump right back into writing when I just finished editing... But the truth is I love to write more than anything. It's a very natural thing for me -like breathing air. So returning to this series is something I want to get started on while I have the free time to. There's no point in me sitting around with ideas floating around in my head if I don't use them!
I've been considering using one of my spare journals as an actual "diary" for Leal.  Since I really want to become more familiar with his character, I need to walk around in his head.  And we all know there's no better time than now when I'm just beginning the book!

Fortunately I do have all the chapters outlined, but it'll be a while before anything is permanent.  Also, it struck me that working with both Alaire and Leal will be... interesting.  I want to make sure Leal and Alaire have unique voices; they can't sound like each other.  Now that I know my strengths and weaknesses, I'm really hoping the characters will help me tell the story on this one!  I honestly have fallen in love with Celestria's world, and I would love to fall deeper in with Leal's story now.

Coming next: I'm making a personal appearance as an officially published author!   


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