Sunday, November 21, 2010

STRONGER *must see book trailer*

For Jocelyn life is not simple, despite the fact that she's a princess.  Oh no, if you're reading STRONGER you come to realize this very soon.

However, the reality is that despite how much you want to read STRONGER it is not going public until December 1st.  Now you're asking yourself why I've written this post.  Am I mocking what you cannot read?  No, I'm not that cruel.
I'm tell you that there is not all sadness.  You can watch the book trailer to STRONGER and get an inside look into it.

Watch the trailer here.  Then, after you watch the trailer, make sure to tell your friends.  This book has several unexpected surprises that not even the character thought would occur.


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Be there for the magic:


Anonymous said...

This one is really really cool, :D. And Emma, who is looking over my shoulder, says the same thing, :D

Can't wait to read it!

LReneeS said...

Awww, tell Emma thanks. Well I have both of you to thank. The book's going live soon!:)

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