Thursday, November 25, 2010

Chapter 12: Without a Breath

Chapter 12 went public a day or two ago, but I held off on posting the update because I had thought I would finish chapter 13 soon after.  However, with Thanksgiving those plans changed.  Onto what the chapter is about.
Chapter 12...
Without a Breath
Celestria and Alaire set out to travel yet again, but soon they are faced with a new fear.  They must overcome the tension building up between them and ultimately at the end of the chapter Alaire's future is determined.  In this chapter he is only breaths away from his death.  Will he die?

Annoyed, I said, “I have not forgotten anything, but I do think it strange when thou knowest everything I ask of thee.”
            Just as I stepped to walk out onto the road, Alaire grabbed hold of my arm. “Do not cry on my shoulder if this is what I receive in return.  Let me remind thee, I saved thy life as everyone else watched in horror.  Make no mistake, if thou continue on this way I shall not do that again.”
            The moment he let me go I began running on the road.  I did not stop until I realized how far I had gone without Alaire.  He did not deserve to be treated like a meaningless servant.  There was so much truth he spoke about me, as if he could read into my every thought.  As if he could look into every memory I had and reference to it.  Like he said, I had cried on his shoulder; there was no way I could deny that.
Now question it all because in a moment it could all....
End...for the worst.
Find out what happens next time you read Cursed with Power.  Keep watch on the blog for the update on chapter 13, which is coming soon.

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