Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's only the 3rd day?! Kill me...Now.

Yes, bloggers, it is only the third day of Nano --or rather in this case it's the third night.  All the same, it seems like so much time has gone by since the beginning of Nano.  How are is your novel coming along?

Maybe at times you too are begging for someone to "kill" you because let's face it...there is a lot --a lot--of madness that comes into play once you get involved in Nano.  For those of you who just began this year I guess you're realizing that now.  And this year Nano has set up a system where they tell you how far ahead you are or how far behind you are.  Remember, it's only so it will drive you even more crazier.

And here comes the part where I start rambling off about my progress with STRONGER.  Obviously I should be writing more for it now, but my blogging addiction has kicked in and here I am while Jocelyn is waiting for me to write that Kerrich has given her a robe.  (Don't ask; it won't make sense to you.)
I actually have gotten much farther with my novel than in previous years with other novels.  I think this is primarily thanks to Kerrich.  Every time I have a problem where I don't know what to do next I can manage to weave him back into the story and he just puts magic into the scene.  Not literally, mind you, but figuratively.  I've actually become obsessed with going into the depths of him and Jocelyn's relationship which is forbidden and goes unnoticed.  Despite this, though, I have not turned what began as an action/adventure book into a "oh God they are about to do it" book.  NO.  I simply telling you that I do very much like the interactions they have with one another and thankfully that helps me move along with the plot in times when I am struggling.
So far in the book --no, no I am not giving away spoilers--Kerrich has given Jocelyn the dagger while she has discovered why she is a target for assassination.

However, as I said, currently I am at a point where Jocelyn is waiting for Kerrich to give her a robe so they can go into the courtyard.  (No, whatever you're thinking is the reason it's not.  Trust me; it's not.)

Best of luck to you and keep on writing!

Be there for the magic:


Summer Ross said...

uhg! I'm looking at a blank page. Its very irritating. I wont even start in a comment...LOL

Good luck with your writing!

Anonymous said...

I know. I feel like it's been going on for forever...and ever...and ever...

Only 27 days left! *sigh*

LReneeS said...

Summer: Hopefully you'll be able to think of something to write soon!

Tessa: I agree with you entirely.

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