Monday, November 1, 2010

Character Blog Mondays: Today with Mary

Character blog Mondays
Character Blog Mondays are days on the blog in which a character "posts" to tell their opinion on a matter or give their own account of something.  Take these posts for what they are, but they are really an even better way for you to open yourself up to new characters.  Characters are chosen from my projects; information about them is brought forth before they begin speaking as they shall.  Please remember during these posts the character --not me--is speaking his/her mind so you are able to introduce yourself to them.  Also note that pictures are not accurate representations of characters,  but are merely for visual affects.  Enjoy!
Name: Mary Williams
Gender: Female
Age: Late 30s
Status: Married with one daughter
Current location of residence: England, late 1650s
Occupation: Homemaker
Religion: Quaker (Society of Friends)
Featured in the books: Writing Saves Your Thoughts
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            I do not believe Lilian will ever forgive me for what I have done.   Though she knows it is God who tells us to forgive those who have wronged, she shall never truly forgive me.  I do not expect anything more of her.  For all I know Daniel has become a different person.  I can only pray he will treat her well.
          She’s so young she cannot understand what is occurring around her.  How do you explain hate to a 12 year old girl?  How do you tell her that other people view you as disgusting and sinful?  Even though she is miles away from me and I no longer have to tell her what is happening, I continue to ponder over it every day.  And every day I return to asking for God’s advice and His light that will guide me.  I have no one else I can confide in now since I am alone.
          Day after day I sit and watch the world pass me by.  Night by night I sneak to the place where we hold our meetings.  It is during the night I try to see the light in those who have become bitter and cruel.  Those who now burn our houses and arrest us to be thrown in jails.  I know there is a light in them, but it is very dim and soon to blow out.
          Time is of the essence.  I can feel it in the wind that enters my cold home now.  As I begin writing to Lilian I hear a noise…glass breaking…
I have not gotten to 10K on Writing Saves Your Thoughts, but I assure you it is a book I will be returning to.  If it sounds of interest to you let me know and I'll add you to the mailing list.  Lilian is Mary's daughter; I thought I would point that out since she is mentioned various times.

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This sounds good! Add me to the list please!

And I love your character Mondays!

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Haha another list you're on? I love your support!

Aw, thanks. I'm glad I'm not the only one who enjoys these:)

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