Sunday, November 21, 2010

Chapter 10 & 11

If this post looks familiar, that's probably because you read it on the Magicians series blog.  I am posting this on my personal blog for those of you who do not --for some bizarre reason--follow the Magicians series blog.

Since I'm late with the update on chapter 10 and some of you have already read it, I decided tonight to combine an update so then you hear about chapter 10 and chapter 11.
Chapter 10: Shadow of Power
In chapter ten Celestria is closer to death then she ever has been before.  Now traveling with this new man's she met, she faces the greatest challenge of all.  It's evident: survival is key.  If they die, they lose everything they have ever worked for.
The light was beginning to shine through my eyes, but I heard a man’s voice next to me.  Alaire was conquering a spell of some sort as well; the problem was I doubt either of us knew what we were trying to perform.  There was a screeching sound and then a gust of wind that blew past us.  I placed my hands down and could feel something wet below me.  When I glanced down I saw a river of water…black water.  The water moved towards Lena and Melodie, neither of which seemed to know what to do.  The thunder grew louder and a lighting bolt struck down, barely missing us.

Now onto the newest chapter...
Chapter 11: Encounter
In chapter eleven there is a simple question you must ask yourself: When can you deny what you see?  Celestria asks this same question when she once again encounters her dead sister, Dyanna.  Now, though, she is beginning to wonder whether these encounters are imaginary --something perhaps of her own making--or very much real.
What happened to Dyanna so long ago?


The closer I got, the more blinding the light became.  When I could not see anything but the whiteness around me, I stopped and stood still.  In a moment the light faded away to focus solely on the woman in front of me.  She wore a dark green dress; the same dress she had worn the last time I had seen her.  Could it really be her?  Was she here?  Was I here or was this a dream, and I had never actually woken up from the fight?  Even that I doubted, though, because in past dreams I had never been able to speak or be heard.

Find out next time you read Cursed with Power.

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