Monday, November 15, 2010

Character Blog Mondays: Today with Juliana

Character blog Mondays
Character Mondays are days on the blog in which a character "posts" to tell their opinion a matter or give their own account of something.  Take these posts for what they are, but they are really an even better way for you to open yourself up to new characters.  Characters are chosen from my projects; information about them is brought forth before they begin speaking as they shall.  Please remember during these posts the character --not me--is speaking his/her mind so you are able to introduce yourself to them.  Enjoy!

Name: Juliana
Gender: Female
Age: early 20s
Status: Desires to be in a relationship with Daray
Current location of residence: Malvagio’s Palace
Featured in the book(s): Arisen Darkness, Passion & Affection series
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          It’s almost ironic how easily you can fall for a man, and you fall even faster when he shows interest towards you.  If only love could be so simple…
          I watch Daray from where I sit.  A frown is upon his face—sometimes I consider this may never change—and he sits alone in the dark corner of the room.  I want to go to him; there surely is something I could say.  However, I think otherwise.  I tell myself to remain where I am, and this seems reasonable since Malvagio always has an eye on matters.  As if knowing my thoughts went to him for a second, Malvagio appears out of nowhere and places his hand on my shoulder.
          “A gloomy day…” He says.  I wait, but he does not say anything more.  After a week being here I have not gotten used to his odd comments that never have closure.
          “How so?” I ask, though I agree with him entirely.
          He smirks and walks over to Daray.  They speak for a minute, and then Malvagio continues on his way.  I only watch him until he is out of sight because I could care less where he is going to.  Strangely enough Daray comes to sit beside me.  I try to not act surprised, but goose bumps cover my arms.  He looks at me with his head titled, as if trying to decide if I am mad or simply strange.
          There is whistling from further down the hallway, though I know it to be Malvagio.  As I turn to ask Daray a question I realize he has already left me.  I look and surely enough he had returned to the dark corner of the room.  Why does he sit in the corner?  For how much longer will he do that?  What has made him this way?
          “Juliana, Juliana, Juliana…” Malvagio sings as he walks by me yet again.
          There is something evil in that man.  I have known that since the first day I arrived here, yet each day I am convinced furthermore to believe this as the truth.  Each day I see his acts against everything pure and precious in the world… each moment there are similar acts Daray wishes to commit.  He needs to leave this place; I am desperate to tell him this because if I do not soon I fear I shall never be able to leave.  Besides that, he will never admit his feelings for me… Whatever feelings he has left…
I realize this post went up extremely late and since it's 12:04 technically it's not Monday anymore.  However, Nano's been keeping me very busy and my AP english homework... *sighs* Yeah, that added on to more work.  At least I finally got this post in.

Juliana is in the coming book Arisen Darkness, Passion & Affection series, book 1.  Who knew darkness and romance could combine together.  If today's post interested you request to be on the mailing list.

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