Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day 6 of the madness

Cover by Lycanthrope
As you can see there's a new cover for STRONGER.  I thought I would share this new image with you while I ramble on a bit about the fact that it's the sixth day of Nano's madness and I'm freaking out because I'm only at a mere 4,765 words.

One of the major factors I think we realize while participating in Nano is we set these goals for ourselves, yet we usually get caught behind what we want to accomplish.  Such as right now I should  be writing STRONGER but I thought first I should blog about this.  
And yesterday I bought 5 new cds and 2 books at Target, so as you can image those are just calling for me.  Unfortunately, though, I cannot start either of the books because I haven't finished The Bourne Objective yet.  (Yes, I have been that far behind.  It's pathetic.)
Now that I go to write STRONGER I'm listening to Enrique Iglesias, and then just to mix up when the cd is over you now what's going in next?  Keith Urban.  (Hey, the music might as well be irrelevant while all this madness is going on, right?)

No matter what your goals are or what kind of schedule you have for yourself, just remember to keep writing.  Even when you feel like what you're writing is crap or there is too much dialog --wow it's almost as if I'm addressing my own problems...oh wait, those are my problems among many others--force yourself to write more.  Nobody expects your Nano novel to be perfect, so keep on writing as if you have no life.  Turn up your boom box, turn on your iPod, pour yourself a drink, keep a book by your side, and start writing more.
Good luck!  (Because I know there's a lot of us --cough cough like me--who need it.)
Be there for the magic:


Leigh said...

Saucy cover, very provocative. Nice!

Anonymous said...

Love the new cover.

This post came right in time. I was about to give up...and then I read this. No way am I giving up now! Keep going!

LReneeS said...

Leigh: Thanks!

Tessa: Thank you, and I'm glad this post encouraged you to keep going.

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