Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sad, long day

While today is already here, this is intended to explain why yesterday chapter 13 was not completed.  I have written down the main ideas for the next chapter or two, but as for getting them all down on paper --or rather typed into Word is another story.  It's challenging because I'm struggling with finding the right way to word this and that and have this and that occur a certain way.
Besides that, I didn't get a lot accomplished because I'm outright be honest and tell you that my Saturday was terrible.  I managed to write, but I did not manage to get sleep until very early in the morning --4am to be exact--and I wasn't up because of writing.  Oh no, my computer was well off before I ended up staying up the entire night and not waking up until 12 in the afternoon.  It's no wonder I've forgotten practically so much of what I was talking about with various people.  While life ended for me at 1am, it came back at 12pm and here I am.  It's almost one in the morning again and I must get so much needed sleep.
I've managed to survive through a rough emotional day.  In case you're worried, I assure you I am still breathing.  No matter how hard it is I manage to keep breathing.  And when all of Hell is breaking lose I have my best friend Tessie who is always there for me.  Yes, even at 1am in the morning.

Good night all.  Let's see about chapter 13 today.  Haha, yeah... Well, I'll try my best.

And by the way, I'll talk about my new book idea later today when I post.  (Yeah, another one.)

Be there for the magic:

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Anonymous said...

Oh, poor you! I hope you're feeling better! If it makes you feel better, CWP is at 352!

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