Thursday, November 11, 2010

The cat is wearing a frog hat. What more do you want?

Believe it or not my post today has nothing to do with the adorable picture above, but I decided to insert it anyways because really.... I mean come on, the cat is wearing a frog hat.  I seriously want to buy something like that for my cat.  Haha.

Moving on, today is the 11th day of Nano.  More like the 11th day of madness and utter chaos.  And here I am blogging instead of writing more for STRONGER because I'm trying to find my place again.  I'm at the point where I am ranting and rambling about how my writing sucks, and by doing so I keep myself going.  I am not going to give up, but if I do complain now and then to my close friends and tell them that everything I write sucks that shouldn't come as a surprise.  After all, don't we all say that at some point or another?

On another note, writing has become breathing for me.  I find that when I cannot write I am thinking about writing, and when I cannot think about writing I am writing.  (Yes very repetitive.)  However, for me writing is seriously the only thing that keeps me from all together losing it.  I'm not talking about just Nano; I'm talking about when you're having a bad day or when there are negative matters going on around and in your life that will not be over any time soon and you feel like crying yourself to sleep... Yet instead you end up writing.  And believe me when I say it really can calm you down and ironically enough comfort you.

Now before you start asking me about Cursed with Power, I'll tell you now that I know I'm beyond being behind of schedule.  However, after rewriting chapter eight three times --yeah that was pure craziness--I have figured out how to --hopefully--finish the chapter and move onto chapter nine.  So for those of you who care, for those of you who know I'm writing something, and for those of you who read this post and said, "Oh she's writing a book?!" I will be moving onto chapter nine soon enough.  Be prepared for updates soon.

As for where I am in STRONGER and why every time I blog I seem to be procrastinating... That's because I am.  I procrastinate like there's no tomorrow once I run into a dead end with my book(s) because hey, hitting a wall hurts.  (Just kidding; I don't literally "run into" anything.)  It's a matter of focusing and finding my way back to Jocelyn's story.  It's very complex and so complicated.... *sighs* Hopefully many of you are getting further with your stories.

And for now that's all I shall ramble about.  Until later....
Be there for the magic:


Anonymous said...

Actually, I decided to give up today. 1. Almost every day the plot in my book changed. No, I am not kidding. 2. I was way behind. 3. I was so mixed up about what was supposed to happen next (because of the plot changes) that I started to write something that had already been written earlier in the story. 4. I can handle writing a lot each day. But I cannot handle writing absolutely worthless things every day.

I feel like a failure.

LReneeS said...

Oh no, do you mean you actually all together am not writing any more for Nano? You shouldn't give up; even if there is a lot going on, you should keep trying girl. I know you can make it! If I can, you definitely can!

Alison said...

Sounds like Nano is crazy but fun.
I didn't read a lot of Mary Kate and Ashley books, but I was a huge Full House fan. I liked their videos even though they were so silly.

LReneeS said...

Yes, that's one way to describe Nano for sure.
Oh really? It was the other way around for me; I pretty much read the books and only saw Full House once or twice.

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