Sunday, October 31, 2010

Nano is here *waves goodbye to her life*

Yup, that's right everyone.  Nano has come and it is at last here.  The wait is over, and for the next 30 days yours truly will be trying to write her novel.

I'm writing the prologue to STRONGER as I post this.  How is it going?  Don't ask me right's a work in progress.

Since I am in Nano I think I will put up a little notice just so you guys remember that besides school, work, and my usual writing, I will be doing extra writing.
It's madness. I agree with you.  But I have made a promise to my cat and to you guys.

I just had to show you guys a picture of my cat, Cally. (Her nickname is Muffin...amongst many other names lol.)

Anyways.... So yes, as I promised Cally, I will promise all of you.  I will only ONLY be writing Cursed with Power and STRONGER.  I shall not get myself involved in other books or short stories of any kind and if I do then I shall shun myself.  (Is that possible?)
Well blogger is acting up and I have to return to writing.  22 minutes into nano and I have 4 words.  wow.

Be there for the magic:


Anonymous said...

Good luck! I have almost 1000 words. *crosses fingers*

LReneeS said...

I envy you...Psh, how did you already get that far? I need to get back to work so I can say I have more than you by the end of the night lol:P

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