Wednesday, September 15, 2010

After Death *new cover*

After Death
He did not know there was more that could happen to him after he died.

Joshua knew what death was like.  He had already died and now lived in the Underworld.  He had thought he'd be able to rest once he died but he had been wrong.  Now he served Hades and had little freedom.

Evelyn liked Greek legends where the impossible could happen.  More than that she liked the idea of love and finding someone who could love her endlessly.  However, the longer she was without a man the more she believed she would find the right man in her life.

She wanted love; he wanted freedom.  Could they both get what they wanted?  Was it dangerous to love a demon and try to save him?  Would it be a sin to bring him out from the Underworld?  When they meet....?
*Cover made by Aria313

Interested in reading the story?  Read it here.


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