Friday, September 10, 2010

New cover and hello it's been a while

Hello everybody!  Sorry it's been a while, but you know how things have gotten hectic since summer's came to an end.  So let's get on to the interesting stuff that you'll want to hear about --or that I at least hope you want to hear about.
A new cover

Here's the new cover for Fight with a Heart.  All credit goes to luvpoets for designing this cover.
Haven't heard anything about Fight with a Heart yet?  It's okay; my next post will be giving the summary of the story.  I will hopefully be able to finish it before September 15th so I can enter it into the new inkpop contest.  Keep your fingers crossed for me that I find the time to do that.

So I'm editing two stories at once for two writing friends of mine... It's craziness, I assure you; still, I mean I won't complain because I like being helpful when I can be.

Article & Stories for Teen Inkst
I've got to finish my article on Iraq by September 15th --hey, there's that date again.
Besides that, Teen Inkst has announced that all stories must be turned in by September 20th.  Remember, this is also the date when Innocent & Young will be published and I'll be able to post up the link.  The other two short stories I am planning --or more so hoping--to finish and submit are Now Rescue Me and Fight with a Heart.  I shall keep you updated with my progress when I am able to, as I always try to.

Stuff going on with the blog
Is there anything I'm adding to the blog?  Ummmmm, let me think............
I probably will add more to the side bar because you know how I love to decorate it with different covers for my books.  I'm trying to figure out how I should organize the covers; if any one has any suggestions, let me know please.

Cursed with Power
Book JacketCursed with Power is at a ranking of 635 as of currently.  That's so amazing!  I know that's still really high, but that's the lowest ranking I've ever gotten for any of my projects.  Feel free to express your happiness of this news in your comment; I assure you I am just as thrilled, if not even more.

There was something else, but now I've entirely forgotten:(
Oh well, I guess that's all for now.  I'm posting about Fight with a Heart next.  Keep following to read more and whatever I say.  Always feel free to comment requesting me to blog about anything.


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