Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Shimmering Moon *new cover*

A Shimmering Moon
The magical world is nothing like you were expecting...

"There are some things you cannot learn from advanced magic." Timothy said.

Selena hadn't entirely believed Timothy until she found out for herself.  She had wanted to learn more about her magic --the magic of Moon; she yearned to know more about her powers.
Timothy had found her the right magician to teach her.  His name was Bryant and he smart and patient.  He was creative with teaching and knew a lot about the magical world.
There were two problems remaining... One, there were people in Bryant's town who didn't think too fondly of magic.  And two, Bryant was a Water magician.

Now Selena will go on an adventure in which she learns the true meaning of friendship, the history behind magic, and what it really means to be a magician.
*Cover made by Jessica Wynn


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