Sunday, September 19, 2010

Certain Fate prologue PUBLIC

I've got exciting news for any of you out there who like reading new material of mine.

I wrote a prologue for Certain Fate and it's public on inkpop.  I've entered it in as a short story because the rest of the story is not at 10,000 words yet.  It's close to it, but you know how that won't happen in one day --or night for that matter.
You can read the prologue and tell me what you think.  I realize what happens in the prologue is rather shocking, but if you think that's shocking you'll want to read the rest of the story because it gets better --or so I think.

Interested?   Read it here.
And if you really, really beg me to I'll consider posting it here on the blog for you guys to view.

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SH said...

I love the first paragraph. And the line: "Keep your enemies close ... very close." Very catchy.

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