Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Knock knock. Anyone home?

I know it seems like I haven't blogged in forever, however I assure you all that it wasn't actually all that long.  I've just been busy with school and work and everything in between.
Upcoming fun stuff and etc:
September 13th ---I go to a writer's meeting!  I'm excited, but now debating on whether to bring The Magic of Light with me or Cursed with Power.  It's a very hard decision.
September 20th ---Innocent & Young will be published in the Teen Inkst Magazine.  Whoaaa!  Make sure you check it out on that date.  I'll be posting the link for you.
Last week of September ---The premier/teaser of New Life.  Read it and you'll be commenting saying you want more (or so I hope, lol)

What's been going on in my world:

  • Marriah from IP is helping edit Cursed with Power.  She is currently reading over the prologue.
  • I will soon begin helping Tessa edit her book.
  • I just realized it's September.  Whoa, new post coming up!
  • I'm writing an article for newspaper on Iraq and the war being "over".  I will be posting it on here because I feel a lot of people have been poorly informed about it.
  • School has been... crazy but good at the same time.
That's really all I can think of for now...  Wow, I thought I had more to say.


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