Friday, September 10, 2010

Cursed with Power *update*

It's already almost 10 at night, yet here I am posting on my blog of all things!
Honestly, I'm just blogging to let you know that I've just taken down several many chapters of Cursed with Power and I thought it was only appropriate of me to explain why.
As you know, I am researching a heck of a lot for Cursed with Power this year.  Due to this, I would feel better and more comfortable knowing that people are reading chapters of my book that I've really worked away at instead of chapters that are kind of "iffy" if you know what I mean.  Any of you who are writers --which is a lot of you, I'm sure--can understand this.

So I will post up more of the chapters, but here's how it is.  I'm keeping the prologue and the first three chapters the same.  Then after chapter three I'm starting anew.  I'm going to be going into thick research and yada yada; this is all supposed to start next week.  THUS, I think it will be much better for only several of the chapters to be up for now and then I post the rest as I come along with them.
You can still read the book at its usual location.  Read it here.


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