Saturday, September 4, 2010


Hello all my wonderful bloggers out there.  Today I'm asking that you please take a few minutes to answer a brief survey I have made so that it can help the blog and perhaps make the next time you stop in to read a post be more interesting.

So won't you please answer this survey for me??????

Pretty please?

Click here to go to the survey.  Thanks for your time!

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Evie J said...

I'm here to respond to you, m'dear! :)
To your first comment: Thanks! :) I didn't mean a book series, though. haha! I meant, like, a series of blog posts with different things related to writing and whatnot. :)
And to your second: I don't really know. It's a lot of read work. If you're not well-known on the site, you'll need to do a lot of swaps. That's (sadly) the only way to go. :)
Best of luck, m'dear!


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