Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Moment Began Love *new cover*

A Moment Began Love
Nothing was wrong in Gwynn's life... until her husband was chosen for her.

When Gwynn's parents chose her husband for her she no longer felt free.  His name was Daniel Greggs and he was a baron.  Without saying much of anything he made it very clear that he had no feelings for her.

Gwynn escapes from her family and Daniel as often as possible.  She goes into the town, which her family was always so isolated from.  There she meets a man... Neil.  They fall in love instantly, but Gwynn's parents want her to be with Daniel despite her true feelings.
Should hse obey her parents and forget her feelings, or should she be with Neil even if it means going against society's rules?  Will she listen to what her heart is telling her?
*Cover made by MacKenzie Cast

Want to read it?  Read it here.


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