Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hardest part of writing

After that last post I made hopefully you can stop laughing to pay attention to this sudden change of a post that is serious.

A lot of people debate about what's the hardest part of writing.  I think there are a lot of factors, but today I just want you to think of one.  What is something that you struggle with when you're writing?  How do you get past it?

For me I would have to say battle scenes.  It's already hard enough in books where it is combat fighting; when people are wielding weapons.  Battle scenes are really difficult for me because in my books they are usually magical battle scenes.  It's all so hard to imagine and then it's even more difficult to write out in the right way.
Sometimes I don't understand how I manage.... I admit I stare at a blank Word document for minutes upon minutes before the right words come to me.

What about you?  Are you facing the same problem or do you have a different one?


Summer Ross said...

I have a hard time with inbetween things, like the stuff to add in to round my characters out. I'm slowly getting better buy reading and practice but thats my weak point

Riv Re said...

I suppose I agree with Summer Rose. I find it hard to write between stuff. I'm awful when it comes to pacing.
If you need fight scene help, shoot me an e-mail. Fight scenes are a favorite of mine. They present a challenge, but a fun one. Show each characters strengths (brute strength? agility?) while pacing the scene, injuring each character to the right extent, and not letting it seem like each fight is repetitious. Yet I still find it a blast to write.
Good luck!

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