Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Now Rescue Me --a short story coming soon

Thanks to Tracy Michelle the new cover for Now Rescue Me is here.  I don't know if I've talked about Now Rescue Me, but it is a new short story that I'm planning to get to work on probably after Innocent & Young is published in Teen Inkst Magazine.

Why read it????????
I'm so glad you were asking this question --even if in truth you were not.  I do believe I have an answer for you that will show the plot of this story to get you interested.  Oh, and by the way, I might put this cover on the side bar of my blog just because you know how I like to decorate my blog and make it pretty.

Now Rescue Me
What do you do when a good man is in danger, but by saving him you too would be risking everything?
In a time when rangers are being outlawed by the King, no one wants to be caught with one or help any escape the doom the King has in mind for them. The King's men come knocking at Hayley's house, accusing her of harboring a ranger. In truth she is not until after they leave... 
He saves her just when she is in the most danger. They exchange names; she Hayley and he William. Then Hayley makes the mistake of saying she is in his dept. Now she'll have to keep this ranger safe for however long it takes or who knows what will happen next?

That's all for now; I am probably going to make the summary a bit longer when I get the chance, but how do you like it so far?  I'm interested in hearing your thoughts!


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