Friday, September 24, 2010

New Life *coming soon*

 While yes there are some matters that I have to attend to, it's not as if I have completely thrown all my writing aside and said I've had enough with it.  Since writing is my passion I could never do that, but I am aware it's been a while since I've posted about something to do with one of my projects or etc.
Well everybody, I still want to post up the teaser/premier of New Life, book 2 in the Magicians series.  I know some of you will read it if I post it up and honestly I need to hear your opinions on it. Sometimes I cannot find the motivation to write again until someone gives me positive feedback and encouragement.  Hence why I'll post it on here at *hopefully* the end of the month.

New Life.... the book you've been wondering about is almost going to premier here on the blog.  Who's the creepy guy in the picture supposed to represent?  Find out soon.  What's this book about?  Wait for the premier post.
Will you read this book?! None of us will know until you read a little about it yourself and decide on your own.

*I promise the premier for this book will NOT give away anything that happened in Cursed with Power for those of you who hate to have a book ruined before you read it.*


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