Friday, September 10, 2010

Fight with a Heart

Fight with a Heart

With her lover dead, she's ready to battle the creature who caused her the most unbelievable pain.
Alairnora and Leonard have simple lives together, and when Leonard asks for Alairnora's hand in marriage it seems like such an event will only get them closer to one another. However, there are arising conflicts in these moments of expected happiness.

Leonard, though only a baron, somehow ends up fighting a magical creature called an Eld. By the time Alairnora finds out his lover's whereabouts his confrontation with the Eld is over. He is dead and the creature is still alive. A creature that looks like a stallion, yet has wings of flames and a body of smoke. It has never been defeated by humans, magicians, or even elves.

With her lover dead, Alairnora is ready to battle the Eld who has caused her pain. Perhaps by confronting the creature she can also confront her loss. The loss that still haunts her at night.
*Cover made by luvpoets


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