Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Super, awesome, amazing....

I know you must hate to realize that this is me coming back and saying "Hey, here's new covers" but that's seriously what I have to say here.  I'm going to post up something else that is not just blah blah blah, but hold on.  First, the new covers....

The new cover for Fake Truth designed by MacKenzie Cast.  I just found out about MacKenzie's free cover service.  She does really good covers, so if you need one just go to her website and tell her about the book or short story.  MacKenzie's covers.
*NOTE: I plan to revise the ending to this book because not everything ends perfectly, and for this story I find it to be more appropriate if there's a different ending than what is currently posted up.*

The new cover for Night Owl designed by Tracy Michelle.
*NOTE: This is a book that I started however long ago --maybe in 07 or 08--and it has not reached 10,000 words yet.  Thus, I have posted a short story version of the book until the book itself is at the word count needed to be public.  More information coming up in my next post.*

New cover for Writing Saves Your Thoughts designed by MacKenzie Cast.
*NOTE: This book is not yet public because it has not reached 10,000 words.*

That's all for now, everyone.  Hope you like the new covers and I promise my next post is not going to be about these new covers.

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Those are wonderful!

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