Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ooh, it's something new...!

I know it's shocking to hear there's a new cover for Cursed with Power when I loved the one before this, but somebody offered to make a new one and I wasn't going to turn them down on it.  Besides, I think this one adds some mystery into the cover and we all know how appropriate that is for this book.

Like it?  Love it?  Hate it?  Don't care?
This is the cover that I'll now be using for the book, thus why changes have been made to the book's page and to the place on this blog where I am promoting the book.

Later on today when you visit the blog....
New Life's premier will be *hopefully* posted up. This premier will NOT give away anything that happened in Cursed with Power, so do not worry that you won't be able to read it because you actually can. 
I do not know what will be in the premier yet or what it will be like, but what I'm working towards is coming up with something that will let you see into the book and get excited about it.  Even if you haven't read Cursed with Power, I am hoping the post and promotion for the book will get you interested and make you curious.

Just remember, though, you may have to wait a while before you can set your curiosity to ease because New Life is after Cursed with Power and thus it won't be written until I finish with Cursed with Power.

And I even put this all in blue color text because not only is it my favorite color, but I generally associate the MC in New Life with the color blue.  Why?  Shhh, that's a secret!  Just kidding, but I shall not be answering that just yet for you.

Other stuff to bring up....
I feel like putting this in purple just for the heck of it, so sorry if I'm having a bit too much fun with changing font color at the moment.  It's just something different to do and I'm hoping the different color will make you totally interested in what this long post is about.  Lol, did it work?

I've been getting a lot of comments on Cursed with Power.  (Who's excited?! I AM!) The comments that have really surprised me is apparently a lot of girls who are reading the book are saying, "I love Leal's character".  (Sorry for not entering in the accent, but I do not feel like pulling up Word just so I can copy and paste so please forgive me.)  Not even kidding, one fan said her favorite character from a book on inkpop is Leal from Cursed with Power, and I was shocked.  Of all the characters in all the books, she picked Leal!  *screams in excitement* *dies* It's seriously that amazing.
A fan said about Leal...
I totally picture Le`al hot! Yes, he isheisheisheis!!!!! 

So yes, that was definitely interesting for me and it was also great to hear because I love hearing from fans and readers what they have enjoyed that is in my book.  I've always really liked working with Leal's character just because I find him to have a humorous manner about himself and everything in general, but I thought that was just me.  I'm not saying I don't like Celestria's character, but when it comes to who is my favorite character in Cursed with Power that I've been working with... I'd say it would have to be Leal.  Apparently my fans agree with that... (It's a small world after all.)

Cursed with Power is at 573 in ranking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Who ever saw that coming?  I certainly did not; after five months it's finally in the 600s.  So how many more months until I get into the top five....  I think it's going to be a lot.  <-----As you can tell I've really calculated this all out. *sarcasm*
Ohhhhh well, I'm still really HAPPY about where this book is getting.

Let's talk about researching/writing/editing....
While I'm ranting on about whoknowswhat I thought I might as well lightly touch on the subject of everything I'm doing with my book.
Researching is going.... all right.  I still have yet to find a historian --or historians-to perhaps help me out a bit more.
Writing and editing.... is going GOOD.  I'm really writing away and I love posting up the new material now because of where my book has been going.  Every time I have something new everybody who really follows my book gets into it and says "I'll go check it out".


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